The Process of Retirement: Where it Starts and What its Goals are

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October 1, 2016

The Process of Retirement: Where it Starts and What its Goals are

People imagine retirement like it’s a bridge, a transition point from one state of life to another. But that’s not actually the case, according to most retirees. Rather than being a bridge, retirement is more like an entirely different land by itself. People don’t move through it in just one go; retirement is an ongoing process that will surprise retirees in more ways than they can imagine.

To Plan or Not to Plan

People can plan all they want for what they want to do during their retirement, but there will always be some things that won’t go according to plan – and that’s a good thing. If everything about a retirement followed the checklist down to the last letter, then it’s no different from working. The freedom to do whatever you want is what retirement is all about; it’s nothing if not flexible.

This of course doesn’t mean that pre-retirees should throw their hands in the air and deal with whatever comes their way. Some strategic planning can go a long way in making the most of a retirement. A good rule of thumb for pre-retirees to follow is to apply the same general trajectory they used with their careers to their retirement. Vague things like what you want to do in five years can help bring a much bigger capacity for satisfaction and joy.

Taking the Plunge

Retirees often find that the scariest part about retiring is when they find themselves standing on the edge of actually doing it. They often ask themselves questions like, “Am I ready?” or “Is this the right time?” Only the pre-retirees themselves can answer these questions, but very few regret taking the leap if they buy into the idea that it’s what they really want.

The best way to get the most out of a retirement is for retirees to surround themselves with people who are likewise enjoying their own freedom. Some seniors find the peace and happiness they’ve been looking for in retirement communities.

If you’re looking for a community that values the happiness and comfort of a retiree above all else, contact us today. Our teams work directly with people to keep them satisfied throughout their stay.

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