About Us

Caring for seniors and their families since 1996, Legacy Retirement Communities is a premier provider of Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Rehabilitation services. Our associates are committed to superior, personalized customer service in an environment that is inviting, caring and hospitable. At Legacy Retirement Communities, we are guided by three core values: Thrift, Continuous Improvement and Personalization.

  • J.S. Executive Director
    When Chef Rob found out that one of our residents was losing weight at an alarming rate he went to work in the kitchen. Each day, Chef Rob took the time to make a cool, refreshing milkshake for our resident. He would even use a piece of leftover pie in the milkshake to increase the calorie count and help him gain some much needed weight. Chef Rob has formed a special bond with the resident and they continue their chats about Rocky Road, Oreo and even Lemon Meringue pie milkshakes. Thank you Chef Rob for taking the extra time, each day, to make a special milkshake for our dear friend.
    J.S. Executive Director
  • B.R. Activity Director
    Until Jesse formed a special bond with our resident, it was not always an easy road for the new Wellness Nurse. Our resident presented many challenges and demands for Jesse with a host of medical conditions, medication changes and ailments. Since the resident was a former art teacher, Jesse decided he would ask her to teach him to draw. He signed up as her very first art student. The resident is now busy teaching art to several enthusiastic students twice a week. As her talent to teach others emerges, so has her passion for life again. She was recently honored as Feature Artist at our community art show.
    B.R. Activity Director
  • Jane Davis

    I have lived at Legacy House of Logan for nine years. There are a lot of houses out there, but only one Legacy House. The residents and employees are just lovely people. Employees always go out of their way to help us in any way they can. I love living at Legacy House of Logan.

    Jane Davis
  • I. B.
    Dane is a special CNA. When it comes to serving residents, Dane’s actions exemplify personal touch. Recently, Dane made a special connection with a resident by always taking the extra time this man needed in the evenings. Dane helped to feed him. He helped him to get ready for bed. With great difficulty, he would help this resident to kneel and pray with him, as this was the most important part of his bedtime routine. Dane knew this meant more to this man than any other service he could perform.
    I. B.
  • D. W.
    Olivia and Amber, knowing that a new resident was having a difficult time, made a paper chain that went all around the room with a sign attached in the middle that read, ‘WE LOVE YOU THIS BIG.’ It was late in the evening when they were decorating the room and the new resident asked what they were up to. They told her they were just taking out the trash for the night. The next morning, our resident was surprised to see the beautiful chain along with the sweet note. She quickly realized that it was her nurse aides, Olivia and Amber. Olivia and Amber are always doing things like this for our residents. They can take a sad heart and make it happy!
    D. W.
  • T. B.
    Legacy is home for many exceptional seniors. One of them, Ernest, is a 96-year-old World War II Veteran. He is a brave man who has many interests and will try just about anything—even riding up the fire engine boom at our Car Show last summer. Richard, our van driver, also has many interests. Last week, on his own time, Richard brought his new kayak from home, set it up in the yard at Legacy with fishing poles, as well as all the gear—just for Ernest to see and enjoy. This was an act of kindness on Richard’s part that made an amazing difference in one day—just for a few minutes—for Ernest. Ernest said that he was ‘touched’, all the way to the bottom of his heart.
    T. B.
  • M. W.
    Each year at Legacy Retirement Residence we hold a Spring Fling dance in March. One of our residents, Verna, prefers to stay in her apartment, even eating her meals there. Ricardo, our Maintenance Assistant, had always taken a special interest in Verna and stopped by frequently to check in on her. Verna would often remark that Ricardo reminded her of her late husband. About a month before the dance, Ricardo started encouraging Verna to come to the dance. He told her if she would get dressed and come, he would dance the first dance with her. He stopped by every day to convince her that she could make the effort and come to the Spring Fling. On the night of the dance, Verna, with the help of her family, not only attended the dance but looked beautiful. When the dance music started, Ricardo immediately went over to Verna and gently lifted her out of her wheelchair and literally held her up and danced with her. After the dance, Ricardo carefully placed her back in her wheelchair. Verna’s smile was a mile wide. She remarked several times to her family and others how dancing with Ricardo reminded her of dancing with her late husband.
    M. W.
  • L. D.
    Austin is an energetic, happy and service-oriented employee. His co-workers have reported that they have never seen Austin without a beaming smile and that he is also eager to help in any way possible. He is an invaluable member of the therapy team. Recently, during an international potluck day at work, Austin brought his bagpipes to the event and favored everybody with some impressive songs. After he had finished, a patient originally from the British Isles, requested an encore. He proceeded to play a special concert for this patient and played an additional eight songs on his bagpipes just for her. She was reduced to tears as she reminisced about her homeland. Austin provided an amazing experience for all, but especially for this patient who was ‘taken home’ by his generosity.
    L. D.
  • R. E.
    One of the first things you will realize about Rito is his genuine concern for others. His gentle manner and willingness to help his residents has won their hearts. In our monthly resident council meeting, residents will brag about Rito. One resident will start with a comment like, ‘Rito knows I have a clock I can’t reach and he always remembers to come in and wind it for me.’ A comment like that will typically set off a chain reaction of residents sharing the good things Rito does for them, too. Rito works the afternoon shift, but many people don’t know why he has an ‘afternoons only’ shift. Rito has a little brother who is disabled. He feeds, cares for, and takes his little brother to school and brings him home every day. He then comes to work and shows the same love and dedication to his residents. Rito exemplifies Personal Touch at Legacy Village of Taylorsville.
    R. E.