Our Philosophy

Bench Visit

Legacy House of Ogden and its associates are committed to superior, personalized customer service in an environment that is inviting, caring and hospitable. We distinguish ourselves from others by embracing a Personal Touch Culture. Our associates strive to make a heart-to-heart connection with those we serve. We call that connection, Personal Touch. At Legacy House of Ogden, we are guided by three core values: Thrift, Continuous Improvement and Personalization.

Our associates strive to do the right thing, at the right time and for the right reason. We believe in making the right decisions with the resources, funds and assets of our customers, company and business partners. While thrift is an important value, doing the right thing is of utmost importance.

Continuous improvement is another key component of our culture and a core value of our community. We believe in consistent personal and company improvement. We continuously look for better ways to serve each other, our customers and our business partners.

We believe in an individual’s worth and respect their uniqueness. We personalize our services by knowing residents, resident families and associates through sincere listening, caring
service and attention to personal details.

Our Personal Touch Culture is evidenced by our associates every day.

  • J.S. Executive Director
    When Chef Rob found out that one of our residents was losing weight at an alarming rate he went to work in the kitchen. Each day, Chef Rob took the time to make a cool, refreshing milkshake for our resident. He would even use a piece of leftover pie in the milkshake to increase the calorie count and help him gain some much needed weight. Chef Rob has formed a special bond with the resident and they continue their chats about Rocky Road, Oreo and even Lemon Meringue pie milkshakes. Thank you Chef Rob for taking the extra time, each day, to make a special milkshake for our dear friend.
    J.S. Executive Director
  • B.R. Activity Director
    Until Jesse formed a special bond with our resident, it was not always an easy road for the new Wellness Nurse. Our resident presented many challenges and demands for Jesse with a host of medical conditions, medication changes and ailments. Since the resident was a former art teacher, Jesse decided he would ask her to teach him to draw. He signed up as her very first art student. The resident is now busy teaching art to several enthusiastic students twice a week. As her talent to teach others emerges, so has her passion for life again. She was recently honored as Feature Artist at our community art show.
    B.R. Activity Director